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Go Green and Save Yourself From Heavy Snow

Cut Back on your Winter Chores by Installing an Environmentally Friendly Radiant Snow Melting System

Winter is coming again, and we all know what comes with it. Snow and lots of it! Sure we can do all of the fun things related to snow like skiing, snowboarding, making snow people, sledding, snowball fights and more! But also we have to be responsible and keep our driveways and sidewalks clean. Sure there are the classic ways of dealing with the white stuff; such as breaking your back shoveling, ruining your driveway and lawn with harsh chemicals and salt, or polluting the air with a snow blower. But what if there were something better, a “green” way to clear the snow and keep you and your loved ones safe? There is! And surprisingly, it's a very old idea; radiant heat.

Radiant heat was used by the Romans, and has been gaining popularity in Europe over the past 50 years as a safe, effective way to heat homes and clear snow. It is only now becoming more mainstream in the United States and Canada. There are two types of radiant heat that are fairly easy to install and are green ways of getting rid of the snow, electric and hydronic. These two systems differ drastically on how they heat, but the end result is the same, melted snow.

Radiant Heated Driveway Installation and in Action Hydronic radiant heat pumps hot water through pipes laid in concrete to melt the snow; whereas electric radiant heating uses special heat resistance cable laid under your choice of driveway to melt the snow. Using either method will still save your back, your driveway, and the environment because there is no heavy lifting involved nor are there salt or harsh chemicals involved.

The best part about using radiant heat for your driveway snow melting is that it is all automatic! When the cables are installed, a special snow and moisture sensor is installed with them. When the snow starts falling, the sensor automatically turns on the system and the cables do the rest. All you need to do is enjoy the warmth inside provided by your radiant heated floors until you need to leave your home and face the weather beyond your driveway.

So you want to use radiant heat for your driveway and possibly the interior of your home but you don't know where to go? There are so many places that you can buy the cable from, but there is so much more than just finding the ideal heat cable. Proper installation of the system is crucial, which means you not only need competent installers, but a proper design of the system. You'll also want professional installation support services. A good example of a company that will cover all of this and more is Warmzone. Warmzone was founded on the principle that the customer drives the business, so they should take care of them. When you call a radiant heat expert at Warmzone, he will work with you to ensure that you have the right cable and components for your installation. An experienced Warmzone designer will design and lay out how the system will look and work - and include all the necessary electricl information. Warmzone customer support sets the gold standard, so if there are questions during the installation, an expert will walk you through any issues you may have.

To visit their website, click on, or call a radiant heat expert at 888.488.9276 to see what options are available to assist you in creating the perfect radiant heat system for your home.